Burrata is our flagship product, one of the highlights of Caseificio Maldera. It is a creamy dairy product that delicately releases all the authentic flavour of our Apulian territory.
Our Burrata is completely handmade: this creamy delight is made of a cheese mass envelope filled with stracciatella, which is composed of mozzarella and cream.
At the end of the filling, Burrata is closed on the top and tied by hand in order to form its characteristic tuft.


Burrata – a creamy and tasty dairy product – is available in different forms of packaging and weight so as to offer different variants.

Burrata in black paper packaging, which takes up Caseificio Maldera’s graphic mood;
Burrata in green paper packaging, which recalls the colours of the uncontaminated nature of our territory;
Burrata versions with and without tuft.

Tradition embraces innovation!

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