Our Story:
a union between authenticity and tradition

Puglia is the stage of Caseificio Maldera‘s adventure. It is a land rich in history and in the best raw materials

A story
about Apulian Tradition

It all began in 1972, when grandfather Giuseppe decided to embark on a new experience that combined taste with the Apulian dairy tradition.

His culinary enterprise continues today thanks to our great passion and fruitful daily work.

The dairy products of Caseificio Maldera, located in Corato, represent a recipe made of experience and passion, which has guided us over the years.

A constant desire of growth and improvement stimulates us to keep updating our production techniques, which go hand in hand with tradition and innovation.

All these prerogatives allowed us to enrich our lines.

Our key goal is to meet the increasingly different needs of our customers.

Caseificio Maldera - La Tradizione

the heart of production of Caseificio Maldera

The heart of our production and of Apulian dairy tradition lies in Burrata and Apulian Burrata.

Burrata is a specialty that would inebriate the palates of any milk products lover.

Apulian Burrata is a product that comes from traditional dairy production showing the story and the culture of our region.

This product has been perfected up to be differentiated into different types:

  • Classic Burratina – an authentic and appetizing milk explosion
  • Organic Burratina – characterised by a natural and genuine taste
  • Lactose-free Burrata – made to meet the most diverse needs.

The creamy variants of Truffle Burratina and Blue-veined Burratina convey an incomparable flavour thanks to their aroma and taste.

As a result, Caseificio Maldera is currently a top-level brand, which is able to offer traditional Apulian delights to both national and international markets.

We valorise our raw materials,
by proposing diary products width unique flavour

The main goal of Caseificio Maldera has always been keeping treating milk processing as a real form of art.

To this reason, the deliciousness of Burrata is enhanced by dairy products, which combine perfectly with each other creating a leitmotif that makes people live an amazing culinary experience.

Fresh cheese is the most renowned one in Puglia and is characterized by a concave shape, which releases a smooth explosion of cream and stracciatella.

Then we have Mozzarella, which is made extraordinary thanks to its different types of processing.

There is also Fior di latte, with a soft and delicate heart.

Not to mention mozzarella knots and braided mozzarella, which are characterized by a peculiar shape and a soft texture from which an entirely handmade product is born.

Stracciatella, a typical Apulian dairy product, represents a mix of fresh cream and frayed mozzarella.

In its classic and blue-veined variants, giuncata is a fresh cheese marked by a crumbly consistency and a delicate flavour.

Smoked ciliegine and smoked sticks are distinguished by a savoury and delicious taste with an essence that creates an exquisite flavour.

Caseificio Maldera’s products are unique thanks to their texture that valorises our milk, made with a recipe rooted in an extraordinary tradition.

Over time we can keep on writing our Story alongside our consumers from all over the world.

Caseificio Maldera - La Tradizione